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Extended Deadline: April 26, 2022


2022 Commercial Integrator Buyer's Directory Listings

Don't miss out on the chance to be included in the most trusted & referenced manufacturer's product resource in the custom electronics community!

Enter today for a company listing posted on integratorcentral.com and printed in the June issue of Commercial Integrator.

The Commercial Integrator Buyers' Directory (formerly the Buyers' Guide) is the ONLY guide for the custom electronics industry available online and in print. On integratorcentral.com the Buyers' Guide is searchable by product category, leading professionals directly to your products. Plus, each year the Buyers' Directory is printed in the June issue of Commercial Integrator, delivered to over 22,000 subscribers as a product resource.

Basic Buyers' Directory Listing - $200

  • 12 full months of promotion to the most qualified professionals in the industry for only $200.
  • A listing by category linkable to your company site.
  • A listing both alphabetically and by product category in the Annual Commercial Integrator Buyers' Guide, published in the June 2022 issue of Commercial Integrator.

Enhanced Listing - $495

  • Everthing from the Basic listing
  • Company Logo
  • Promotional Statement - Up to 100 words

Premium Listing - $995 

  • Everything from the Basic and Enhanced listings
  • Hero Image - 1500 X 500 pixels, JPG format, please optimize for the web and keep close to or under 250kb
  • Links to your Social Pages - We can feature your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram accounts on your listing page.
  • Special Listing Custom Information Area - 
    • This section of the listing page will appear below the company’s hero image and the main content area. This area is flexible and gives the listing company many options for what they can feature there.

      Some Ideas for Great Ways to Utilize this Space:

    • A web link to a downloadable on your site (even more effective if you capture user data to access the download. We’ll post a cover image, a text summary and the link to your site.
    • A video asset. Does your company have a video on YouTube, Vimeo or other embeddable video sites? We can embed your video in that area with a title and summary for context. (Sorry, we cannot host your video directly.)
    • A resource center. We can put a small company image and several helpful descriptive links and info into your site- such as customer service, tech support, sales, etc.
    • A promotion for a product or product family. Bear in mind this area will be displayed for the full year of your company listing, so provide a link and imagery that will be valid and relevant for the year.
    • You can provide us with image, text, and web links and we’ll assemble the layout on your full listing page.

Additional Categories

  • For a Basic Listing - $75 per category
  • For an Enhanced Listing - $195 per category
  • For a Premium Listing - $375 per category

To copy your submission into another category either check the " I want to submit this Submission to another Category" box at the bottom of the application

or click "Copy Entry" on the Review and Checkout / Shopping Cart page.


If you have any questions, please contact Mary Olian at Mary.Olian@emeraldx.com.